Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wee changes add up

35A couple of weeks ago my best friend came to stay.  Over a couple of bottles of wine we discussed a range of things including wee wipes - reusable cloth toilet wipes (just for number 1's).
As a child of "greenie" parents my friend thought they were a great idea.  It was something I had considered in the past but put in the too hard basket (or more accurately the I can't be bothered basket).  With renewed energy I hunted out some cotton cloths I had got when my daughter was born, with every intention of using these instead of store bought baby wipes.  After one day I was hooked and looked forward to going to the toilet!!!!
Unfortunately I have my monthly visitor and can't bring myself to use them at the moment.
I have decided to find some cheap and cheerful material and sew some up for my friend for Christmas.
I also decided to use some cloth wipes on my daughter when changing her.  She appreciates a warm cloth on a cool morning too.
Easy to clean as I am still washing cloth nappies every couple of days so everything just gets chucked in.

It may not be the biggest change, but it will save us money each fortnight, and means less toilet paper being used and flushed.

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