Friday, August 9, 2013

12 weeks to Happiness

Over on the Simple Savings website I found a thread about completing a 12 week programme taking you to Happiness.
While I am a reasonably happy and positive person I figure it never hurts to read or hear another person's point of view.

The programme is based on a book by Todd Patkin and each week there is a new focus.  Week 1 is exercise which Todd states opens your mind for the changes ahead.  I have to say I get a bit antsy if I haven't been for a walk for a couple of days, and do find it a therapeutic experience.  When I was working through Postnatal depression even my hubby said I coped with things better when I had exercised.  That noticeable!!!

At the moment I am pregnant so am limited in what exercise I can do but I do try to fit in a walk in the morning and my intention is to do some Yoga stretching most days too, however, the latter does not always happen.

A quote I could really relate to from Todd was
"Make your #1 priority each day your own happiness for your kids sake even more than your own."

This closely correlates to Extreme Self Care principles - take care of yourself first and you can better take care of others. (my translation)

This morning when I logged in to Facebook I found this fantastic picture of the ABC's of Happiness.

To a happier life!

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