Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Media free weekend

We went camping this Labour weekend  on the in-laws lawn.  It was great fun and really good practice for our 3 year old daughter, Abby.  She had an absolute blast.
We were helping pull up carpet so there was furniture everywhere downstairs and empty spaces upstairs.  For 3 days we had no TV, Internet, radio and apart from a newspaper no real contact with the outside world.  IT WAS BRILLIANT.  No one missed them, and found other ways to amuse themselves.  We played badminton, read books and magazines, baked, played cards, played hide and seek, sat around and talked, and I even assembled my mother-in-laws new composter for her.
I feel like I have really had a holiday, and enjoyed the shared caring of Abby amongst everyone.

Challenge - less TV, internet etc
Benefit - connect with family, more time for reading/gardening, use less power

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