Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkins sprouted!

My first pumpkin has sprouted and another couple are nearly up!  I haven't had much success with my seeds so far this year with all the cabbages shrivelling up and dying.  Got some broccoli and caulifower coming on and the red onions look good.  Here's hoping they transplant ok.  I read in an article the other day they need to be hardened off for a couple of weeks (put outside during the day and brought back inside at night) to toughen up.  I have to admit I usually would harden them up for a few days only.
We have had a cool change again so the seeds I planted outside will probably be slow.

I have had a big sowing month with
beetroot (baby and standard)
runner beans
green beans
purple beans
butter beans
red onions
rock melon

Cauliflower at rear, Broccoli on left, and red onion on right

Pumpkins at rear, rock melons in middle, and courgette at the front


The currants have flowers, plums are setting on the tree, rhubarb is flourishing, and the apples are covered in blossom.
It feels great to be taking control of what we eat.

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