Friday, July 26, 2013

Making Medlar Liqueur

Having discovered a medlar tree at our new place I did some research on how to use them.  There is only so much jelly you can have so I looked into drinks. 
I found an easy recipe for Medlar Cordial here.

I also found a recipe for Medlar liqueur .  It's a Sally Wise recipe and I've heard good things about her recipes so decided to have a crack.
We already had vodka and sugar so that was easy.  When I saw some birds raiding the tree the other day I figured it was time.  Unfortunately I was a bit slow and only managed to get 430g non bird pecked fruit.  Still I have managed to make one large Agee preserving jar full, so for the next week I shake the jar daily, then leave for 6 months.

The liqueur is delicious and very easy to drink!  So easy to make and well worth it.  Tastes fruity and dangerously non alcoholic too.
The best thing is the medlars are ready in late autumn so the liqueur is ready in time for Christmas.

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