Friday, August 9, 2013

12 weeks to Happiness

Over on the Simple Savings website I found a thread about completing a 12 week programme taking you to Happiness.
While I am a reasonably happy and positive person I figure it never hurts to read or hear another person's point of view.

The programme is based on a book by Todd Patkin and each week there is a new focus.  Week 1 is exercise which Todd states opens your mind for the changes ahead.  I have to say I get a bit antsy if I haven't been for a walk for a couple of days, and do find it a therapeutic experience.  When I was working through Postnatal depression even my hubby said I coped with things better when I had exercised.  That noticeable!!!

At the moment I am pregnant so am limited in what exercise I can do but I do try to fit in a walk in the morning and my intention is to do some Yoga stretching most days too, however, the latter does not always happen.

A quote I could really relate to from Todd was
"Make your #1 priority each day your own happiness for your kids sake even more than your own."

This closely correlates to Extreme Self Care principles - take care of yourself first and you can better take care of others. (my translation)

This morning when I logged in to Facebook I found this fantastic picture of the ABC's of Happiness.

To a happier life!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Making Medlar Liqueur

Having discovered a medlar tree at our new place I did some research on how to use them.  There is only so much jelly you can have so I looked into drinks. 
I found an easy recipe for Medlar Cordial here.

I also found a recipe for Medlar liqueur .  It's a Sally Wise recipe and I've heard good things about her recipes so decided to have a crack.
We already had vodka and sugar so that was easy.  When I saw some birds raiding the tree the other day I figured it was time.  Unfortunately I was a bit slow and only managed to get 430g non bird pecked fruit.  Still I have managed to make one large Agee preserving jar full, so for the next week I shake the jar daily, then leave for 6 months.

The liqueur is delicious and very easy to drink!  So easy to make and well worth it.  Tastes fruity and dangerously non alcoholic too.
The best thing is the medlars are ready in late autumn so the liqueur is ready in time for Christmas.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Into the Kindle wilderness

Life has been a bit hectic since I last posted so long ago.
We are slowly building towards our more self sufficient life.  Sheep, goats, and chickens are supplying us with meat, eggs, and in time milk from the goats.
The vegetable garden has suffered from poor fencing and inquisitive goats, and that is an ongoing battle.

We savoured our small amount of medlar liqueur I made last year, and I vowed to make more this year.  I did but unfortunately the birds yet again beat me to the majority of the fruit!

In other news I am 24 weeks pregnant.  I wasn't shouting this from the rooftop as we lost a baby last year, and it was an anxious few months to get to this point.  All going well with this pregnancy, and I am looking forward to finishing paid work in a few months, and having a baby in the house again.

I have finally bought a Kindle after thinking about it for ages.  I picked one up secondhand for NZ$80 including a cover and  not regretting it a bit.  As I am loathe to pay for anything I don't have to I am on the lookout for free ebooks wherever I can find them.
Ebook Daily emails you a selection of books based on subjects you have said you are interested in.  You can also earn points to redeem for Amazon vouchers.  I like the sound of that!
Simple Savings has a vast range of information on saving money, but also has a Free Kindle Books thread.  Definitely worth a look.
You can also search the Amazon website using terms such as Free Kindle books, 0.00, free, or save books to your wishlist and check that regularly to see if they are reduced in price.

I am definitely a convert to ereaders, and the best thing is I can have the app on the computer for Miss 5 and don't have to have all her books on my Kindle device.

Must get on with the day as heading to town today for groceries.