Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Toilet Paper; it's not just the packaging!

While the company behind Paseo toilet paper and facial tissues claims to be supplying a premium environmentally sound product, it is not in labelled recyclable packaging, and it appears the source of the paper is in question too. 

Greenpeace has openly named Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), which supplies the paper for Paseo products, and also Cottonsoft, as being involved in rainforest deforestation.
For more information, or to show your support for the Greenpeace cause click here.

Many Pulp and paper companies bandy around different certifications claiming they lesson their environmental impact.  I'll let you do some research and make your own decision on that one.  Vote at the supermarket.

Check out Green Living Tips for more on Toilet paper and the impact on the environment.

Perhaps we should start a Wee wipes revolution ..........


  1. Hi, Ailsa:
    Thanx for yr comment on my blog, regarding Paseo toilet paper. you're right: we all need to "do our homework" on the products we use.
    I've gone a step further and lodged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). So we'll see what happens...


  2. I use reusable cloth whenever I can. I cannot remember the last time I bought throwaway paper products.

    I'm a WWW. (Wee Wipes Woman)I think if people just tried it they would not go back to paper, recycled or not.

    I challenge your readers to give it a try then come and let you know what they think.


  3. I agree that people should have to be more cautious and not to use such kind of products that adversely affects the environment. If the product is not well labelled environmentally sound we all should avoid buying that.
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