Friday, January 7, 2011

Cottage Cheese 101

I attempted my first ever Cottage cheese the other day.  It is really tasty and easy to make, and funnily enough is a lot like a failed batch of yogurt I had once!

Warm 600ml milk to luke warm, stirring in 3T milk powder.  Once warm, remove from heat and add 1t rennet.  Leave for about 15min to solidify.
Using a sharp knife cut cheese into cubes, releasing the whey.  Place in sieve with cloth or chux style cloth.  Leave it to drain over a bowl for at least 2 hours, or longer if you want it drier.

Refrigerate and enjoy.


Thriving on neglect!

Yesterday I dug up some self sower potatoes.  Some of them were huge!  See photo, that's a 50 cent piece, and the other one is the biggest spud in my hand.

To put this into perspective this plant was between two corokia in a part of the garden that gets very little water.  They have thrived on no attention, and produced some very nice potatoes.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What happened to 2010??!

I feel as though the last couple of months have been a complete blur.  Finished Playcentre early December, had interviews for new staff at the end of November, and then the end of year dinner.  Being President just adds a bit more work to it but it's great.

What has been happening on our wee patch of paradise?

We have chooks - 3 silkie cross bantams named Chicken Licken, Turkey Lurkey and Bill.  What do you expect when they are named by a 3 year old!  They arrived 10 December, at 60 days old.

The vege garden has been producing peas, beans, and now potatoes.  The first plums are ready, yummo.

I will get back on here and be a more frequent poster.