Thursday, February 18, 2016

Incredible Edible

I was lucky enough to hear one of the founders of the Incredible Edible movement, Pam Warhurst, speak in Geraldine last night.

Pam's Ted Talk has been watched by thousands worldwide and inspired successful offshoots of the original edible landscape of Todmorden.  Her wit and charm make her so easy to listen to, and she makes it all sound so easy.  I recommend you take 15 minutes out of you day and watch her clip.  There are a lot of other videos which repeat some of the original, but eight years after the first kitchen table discussion, Incredible Edible is continuing to evolve so these more recent clips add new information.

Pam is touring around New Zealand so head to the Incredible Edible Geraldine website to find details of where you can see her.  She is thoroughly entertaining and even my non-gardening husband had a few chuckles.

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