Monday, February 3, 2014

My new reality

It's the first day back at school for my daughter today after the summer break.  I have to admit while we butted heads at times over the holidays it is VERY quiet this morning.  I put the wee fulla back into his bed when I got back from drop off and he has gone back to sleep!

Soooooooo what to do.  Well most importantly have a coffee and something to eat in peace, listening only to the sound of the birds in the trees outside.  Mr Bellbird has gone AWOL this morning but there are plenty of others chirping on a lovely sunny day.

Washing is already hung out.  Animals fed.  Lambs collected by Dad and taken to saleyards.

Today is going to be a day for me and only me.  Well, interspersed with feeds for Dylan, collecting Miss 6 from the bus, making tea etc. 
Coffee and morning tea finished and now updating blog.

Maybe a to do list of goals for the week.
1. Declutter and tidy pantry
2. Clear space in garden and plant out broccoli and kale seedlings
3. Read books/magazines/blogs
4. Go for some walks
5. Do some Yoga

Right that is enough I feel.  Of course that is in addition to my normal everyday activities like copious washing (cloth nappies and baby clothes as Master 10 weeks has explosive bowels!!!), feeding animals, retrieving goats from neighbours, fixing electric fence that was wrecked when goats escaped into neighbours, cooking meals, and if any time left housework, and gardening.

It just makes me feel tired looking at it.  Maybe I need to schedule in a nap this morning :)

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