Friday, August 26, 2011

Paseo greenwashing

With interest I have looked into the new toilet paper and paper towels on the market under the brand name.  The ads on TV have been focussing on the use of recycled paper etc and how it is a premium product but has an environmental conscious (my interpretation of the ads).
However, on closer investigation I find that their products do not come in recyclable packaging!  Come on this is basic stuff.
Their website states "
Offering a luxurious experience, PASEO toilet tissue gives you the strength and softness you would expect from a premium product.
Combining a velvety finish, lightly scented core and subtle quilting for extra softness, PASEO toilet tissue is also biodegradable and made from renewable plantation fibre and certified fibre, making it a good environmental choice." 

What would make it a better environmental choice was if the packaging which is not biodegradable didn't end up in the landfill!  And as for biodegradable toilet paper - I'd like to see toilet paper which isn't.  It is just paper after all.

What's more it seems that Paseo is simply a name under the umbrella of Cottonsoft.  See what 
Greenpeace has to say about Cottonsoft and their environmental impact on Indonesian rainforest.

Also this blog has an excellent post about the same issue.

I have emailed them to ask if they plan to rectify the packaging issue and look forward to a response.  The rainforest deforestation is a whole other issue.

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