Monday, July 25, 2011

Climate Change

It is 25th July 2011 and snow came to the small seaside town I live in.  We had about 1-2 inches lying this morning when I got out of bed.  With the wind chill factor we must have been in minus temperatures. 
It is not unusual to get snow in the South Island of NZ at this time of year but it is most certainly unusual to get this much snow at sea level.

The extreme weather patterns we have been experiencing in NZ with tornados in the North Island, and extreme rains and slips, there is an even greater reason to find more sustainable ways of living with the planet instead of destroying it.

With a day off work my daughter and I took the opportunity to play in this foreign substance.  She is nearly 4 and has only been in snow one other time when we were on holiday in Central Otago.
We walked to a friends house and with her children made a snowman, and the children slid down the road on boogie boards.  Great fun.
The saddest thing was that they were the only children we saw out playing in the snow all morning.  This was a rare event and yet children were not out making the most of it.  At the rate we are going we cannot slow climate change too quickly so we must find what positives we can.  I had a wonderful morning with my daughter and now have some cherished memories together.

Isn't this what family is all about?

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