Saturday, April 2, 2016

Garden Share Collective - Colour

March has rolled around and Autumn has arrived.  The nights are drawing in earlier and we have had some heavy dews in the morning.  This month for the Garden Share Collective the focus is colour.  We are still desperately dry but fingers crossed the forecast rain arrives this week.  With a second dry summer the trees are changing colour and dropping leaves already.

The roses have been fantastic this summer.  As always I planted the garlic around in the main rose bed and got a reasonable harvest from that.  Garlic is considered a good companion plant for roses and is used to keep aphids away. Parsley, marigolds, lavender and thyme can also ward of harmful pests.

Late summer stone fruit is beckoning and I can't wait for the Blackboy Peaches to be ready.  I'm going to try them in the dehydrator as well.  It's been a fantastic purchase so far.

The bees have loved the borage and calendula that is dotted around the garden, and with more herbs being planted in the orchard it will help with future pollination, as well as attracting beneficial insects.

Short catch up this month as I was away enjoying family time over Easter.  We enjoyed 5 days of off grid living with no access to technology at the crib.  Bliss!


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  1. It's lovely that you have peaches so late in the season. Mine are all done by the end of January!