Thursday, July 31, 2014

Recyclable packaging for bread the newest thing since....

I went to Couplands Bakery today in town to pick up some bread.  While I make some bread I've never been particularly successful making a loaf for sandwiches, and these are hubby's staple lunch item.

As I put the bread on the counter I noticed what I thought was a recycling triangle symbol.  On closer inspection in the car I discovered it definitely was for recycling and plastic 4.  I hadn't noticed this before and began to wonder if this was something new.  When I got home I checked the other bread bags we had in our plastic bag holder.  The other Couplands ones were recyclable, but none of the bread I have purchased from the supermarket sports this symbol.

I say well done to the small player in the bread market for leading the way.  At least this plastic can now have another use (as long as people recycle).  I think this may just persuade me to become a regular now at Couplands.  The bread is pretty nice too and a good price so winning all the way!

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