Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Munch Review - ChooMee Sip'n

Munch Review – ChooMee

I was lucky enough to receive a twin pack of the new ChooMee sip’n baby food pouch tops from Munch Cooking.  The BPA free silicone caps come with the slogan

Sip it.

Cap it.

Strap it.

And that is pretty much them in a nutshell.

 The ChooMee easily fits over the spouts on commercial and most reusable baby food pouches and with a handy valve helps to prevents the inevitable spills when pouches are dropped.   The valve also regulates the flow of food from the pouch which is great when just starting out with solids. 

The soft silicone is kind to baby’s mouths and stands up well to regular gnawing.  My son fussed a bit with it the first time we used it but by the next day he quickly put it in his mouth and was sucking and chewing quite happily on it.

The cap allows you to seal the pouch when you are finished using it. It is a bit of a fiddle when baby is feeding though and seems to get in the way.  My son quite like chewing on the cap and ring instead of the spout!   The large ring stretches and fits over the original lid of the pouch, including the new larger choke proof lids, so you can keep it sealed until you want to use it but still take the ChooMee out and about.

The ChooMee  Sip’n is reusable, dishwasher safe and freezer safe so if you are freezing your own food in pouches you can attach the Sip’n directly to the pouch.

Initially I had some reservations about the benefit of the ChooMee  Sip’n but I would definitely recommend them if you intend to use food pouches.  They make the experience so much cleaner for Mum’s and bubs alike.  Within a couple of days my wee man was keen to hold the pouch himself and had worked out that chewing on the spout made the food come out.

All in all I was really impressed and can see me using the ChooMee a lot in the coming months.

Thanks Munch for the chance to try these.

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