Saturday, May 26, 2012

So much to say so little time....

We are on our lifestyle block!  Have been here about 8 weeks and that time has been a blur of packing boxes, garden trimming and bonfires.

A week after we shifted in one of our ewes had twins.  They are VERY early but that's what happens when ones father leaves the ram running with the ewes! 

3 weeks later another 2 lambs appeared.  Fortunately the weather has been kind to them and they are all doing well.

Thursday saw the arrival of two black Kunekune pigs.  Along with a friend we are raising them for the freezer.  I've nicknamed them Chops and Bacon.  They are helping to clean up the excess Blackboy peaches and figs that have been frosted.

The chooks are now free ranging in the orchard area, although their numbers are decreasing with another one falling off the perch tonight.  They were old hens, bought with the place, and most of them are past it to be honest.

I have a goat on the way but she is running with a buck at the moment so fingers crossed for kids in spring.  Hubby has been busy building the shelter for the goat and it was moved into the paddock today.

Plans for the next few weeks;
Clear area for workshop
Cut back more trees/shrubs in the garden
Get rid of more ivy.......
Tidy up vege garden and rest for winter
Finish and paint goat shelter
Tidy up herb garden

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