Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just me and the coal range

We have just returned from 6 days at the family crib where the only cooking facilities are non electric - a coal range and a kerosene cooker.  (I'm too much of a novice to use 'Beatrice" so hubby gets to deal with her and I use the coal range).
Normally hubby's grandparents are at  the crib too so I can ask Grandma for help but not this time.

Got to crib about 3pm on Wednesday.  Opened fire to light as the rule is to always leave it set for the next person.  Not done!  Locate paper and kindling.  Set fire and light, all the while dying for a cuppa.Fill jug, sit on top and wait.  Hot drink before 4pm so quite pleased with that.
Pasta and custard for tea.
6:30am Thursday awoken by small person so up and lighting fire.  Hot water in half an hour.  Feeling pretty cocky!
By Saturday I thought I really had it mastered, even though the roast chicken had to be served as a second course to veges on Thursday night!

Mission: Bread.
Get recipe book.  4 1/2Tbsp yeast.  Yikes that sounds heaps but it's in "the book" so it must be right.  Just so you know it wasn't and the bread tasted awful.  See No spend Feb comments re bread.
Sunday second attempt at bread was more successful although going from 80C to 220C quickly in coal range not easy.  Especially as the thermometer was Fahrenheit.

So al things considered I would still love a house with a coal range, and despite hubby's reservations I would use it lots.

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