Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Simplifying Life

Life has been pretty busy for us.  My cow calved, her calf died, I mothered two calves onto her, and then I had to go through the process of milking her.  Same process as my goats but she's a lot bigger.  Fortunately she is very patient and we have developed a great bond.

As I work on establishing my forest garden, and add more perennials and herbs to it, I find less time available to me.  As a result I have decided to pull the pin on this blog and have started a Facebook page, which I will update with photos and other happenings as time allows.  This is easier for me and I hope if you are still following me you will come and say Hi on my Skye View Garden page.

Thanks for following and for the comments and encouragement you have given me.

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